Impossible conjugations a nation under a boot.
Watermark this tribe weaponized salute.
We're gnashing children abroad, a road to vengeance and God.
The tidy suits are the pinnacles teachers parallel frauds.
Feeling focused as I'm choking on these words.
As I feel a bit perturbed.
These sounds are not the ones I heard.
This will save you.
Pocket the hope and you're feeling the void.
The sound is not so clear.
Apocalyptic water monkeys inhabit our floating sphere.
Romanticising a future of times that once were.
Pick the pockets of lies.
Untimely death is the cure.
Falling face first this contraband is twisted.
Mechanized this past time.
This pacifist enlisted.
You insisted?
Imaginary lines and animals.
Ashes that fill the cups of the egotistic tyrannical.
Money pushing these lines, they've got one thing in their minds.
War machine that burns the green straight from under our eyes.
Flex the colors you know.
Green and blue are ones that I show.
If the ego emancipates insignias the river flows.
Protracted back space impacted my space masonry maced eyes.
Rough bricks cut ties.
This breadline is huge.
My centrifuge is breaking.
Falling of this horse and now my bones are slowly aching.
Falling for cynical sideways parables.
Nihilistic viewpoint got you feeling so terrible.
Slave station a grimoire interpretation.
Flags up power a real time intoxication.
Cemetery a playground the dirts up.
If you understand this construct you'll construct new deep cuts.
B-sides will be fine a b-line to underground.
Dying quick we're earthbound this gravesite these earth mounds.
We're sick yes there is a medicine.
Look deep within the love you can jettison.
Represent my state, aviate the great tribe to the inside, East side, West side, all sides.
Ask me what exactly did the Shawnee know.
Piqua meltdown glowing neutrinos.
Rising from the ashes.
Heat is fogging these glasses


from MT. ANALOGUE - LIFE RECEIPT, released April 14, 2017



all rights reserved


toortous Ohio

∆ toortous serves as an outlet for artistic expression through original, progressive, bass-oriented music. toortous is based out of southwest ohio. ∆

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