Glazed for days.
Feeling amazed at this mess.
Feeling the stress compress.
It's putting my life to the test and I'm feeling that I should be a tad depressed.
Infected with thoughts but this life is the one that will cost.
But I am my boss.
So I'm broke a lot.
Money is fickle.
I joke a lot.
Poetry saves me daily.
Buried in art and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Weight that I feel and I'm proud of it.
Screaming a lot and you know that I'm loud with it.
Emaciated ego.
Fly like an eagle.
Pierced with a needle.
Blood money quick.
Can I get a rebate?
Doesn't hurt to ask.
You can't run organs on cash.
Initiate rhymes and I'm making my time flow freely.
Ideally this idea is seemingly seamless.
Can I complete this, hopefully.
Breaking the bow and I'm dropping the child.
Shooting the bow Pinika will smile.
Vague mystic references don't make me a philosopher.
Quarks, electrons, protons, neutrons, photons.
Are we the light from the sun?
Are we the sons of the one?
Are we the ones with the guns?
The strings are pulling the funds.
Dark matter matters.
Matter of factly ask me exactly what my abstractly abstract wordplay means.
Woke up and realized my time was missing quick.
Science will turn the crucifix dying is on my bucket list.
Listen closely I'm mostly a ghost and dropping ionized guts.
Disguise the cries from the cuts.
Compression bending my struts.
Sometimes there's objects I'm my peripheral.
Manifestations of failures and all that shits ephemeral.
You're running against accomplishments.
The art is sacrifice don't be content.
Complacency is certainly a vacancy.
Lets fill the void.
Darkness light destroyed.
Don't go gentle into that good night.
If you wanna flex the faults of four corners.
Crippling the darkness freely with light.
This is the time.
Shattered dimensions we climb.
Hopefully someday sublime.
If you gotta run the circuits we're bending.
Silicone power is making you blind.
The raw wild ones fight the darkness.
Blazing like meteors.
Irruptions and implosions.
A simultaneous endless flux
Rage against the dying of the light.


from MT. ANALOGUE - LIFE RECEIPT, released April 14, 2017



all rights reserved


toortous Ohio

∆ toortous serves as an outlet for artistic expression through original, progressive, bass-oriented music. toortous is based out of southwest ohio. ∆

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