by Mt. Analogue

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Metaphysical Poems is Mt. Analogue's second hip hop release.
His abstract lyricism and experimental compositions create a unique take on the genre placing you in an eerie atmosphere of surrealism.
Between the honesty, comedy, brutality, and satire of this release, it'll have you feeling all kinds of ways....


released August 16, 2016

Beats, Lyrics, and Artwork by: Mt. Analogue



all rights reserved


toortous Ohio

∆ toortous serves as an outlet for artistic expression through original, progressive, bass-oriented music. toortous is based out of southwest ohio. ∆

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Track Name: Syntax Error
I'm not loosing it jettison the cause from the craft
I'm not loosing it D.I.Y. A vague epitaph
I'm not loosing it the paper was green from the blood
I'm not loosing it whoops... I lost it
Maybe I'll get a contract
Maybe I'll get a break
He made it, he made it
He made a big fucking mistake
Falling from my own intent
Drowning on the web
Dialed in dropped out living with the dead
Pimpled insomnia
Bingo mic studio
I'm not even that known yet but I recognize the ego
Tired of the Strange advice, tired of the glances
Putting all my chips in no regrets or second chances
Trying to express myself, trying to spread a message
The plays, likes, the cash, that's not what it's about
Aggravated shouting war pseudoscience cocktail
Egotistic stalemate putrid stockpile

This is where a chorus should go
I'm chilling with my friends at a coffee shop in Tahoe

The format is making this ugly
I don't give a fuck about the
Algorithm x8
Be a martyr for a mind of creation
You don't need a flag and you don't need a nation
You don't need a God, don't need salvation
You got one? That's cool but this ain't revelations
Back up, back to the topic
Blood thirsty plan hatched diabolic
I've instigated an elevated imagination
Instantly inquiring a scheme for retaliation
I get my inspiration solely from experience
Achievement does not correlate with obedience
Beady eyes from the top of the golden top forty
You'll get there shortly if you stick with the formula
I am here warning ya that shits a joke
That shits a joke

This is where a chorus should go
I'm chilling with my friends at a coffee shop in Tahoe

Over the past few years I got that phone call from a few friends Strapped to a deathbed they made for themselves
It's hard to explain that the reason for living is living itself
You don't need to be knighted, don't need a degree
Don't need a Straight path make a home from debris
Dress rehearsal is cancelled
Put the bullets back on the mantle
We're all insane
Just a different kind of insane
I make music to cope
Track Name: Lohiove
Doing it now cause we're out of the box
Ohio is reppin the love and the flow
This is the story of love and glory
We feel from the ages and see the glow
Funk is the music we came here to make
Making it real swallow the fake
Opening portals
Question your morals
I'm asking politely, don't take
Fixing it freely I'm talking your life
Working I'm thinking that we can survive
Combustion I'm feeling the heat from the ceiling
Kill the queens burn the hive
It can get crazy with words that I write
I'm fanning the flame pacing my life
Don't let your path get stuck with debris
You'll die someday I guarantee
Oil on the canvas dries so quick
As the essence of moments starts to drip
Saturated color schemes hallucinated fantasy
The yellow blue mixture laughs monetarily
I'm begging you, don't let the paint dry
Infinite bound to birth, infinite bound to die
Love, we are all God and we're one
We're faster than bullets that flow from a gun
We can make it setting your heart aflame, this anomaly
The nature of this thing, heart attack melancholy
Talking about the first time, the last time, the only time is know
Let me show you how it can get so foggy
Hazy from the nightcap sipping from the grog see
Always I can see the love that's placed in front of me
Hypodermic mind sets sets the tone aflame
Postulated pin pricks stabbing through your brain
Maybe we'll get a rewind, maybe we'll get a pause
Still frame mind games ooze through the gauze
Don't give a fuck if you're white
Don't give a fuck if you're black
We are all weird brain babies that are stuck in a meat sack
Roots grow through our feet, watch us defeat the blood in the streets
We are amazing, constantly changing, moving forward, no retreat
Distracted by some whack shit now your heart did the splits on handrails
Forcing you to quit
We are equipt with an ego so let that thing go
On a race to the top freezing solid from the snow
Stickery didgeridoo, how about you
I am a God, you are too
We have one force, we have one course death death
One thing that you can't change
The one thing that stays the same
Make in impact before your last breath
Before you turn to dust, before you're part of Earth's crust
I'm not saying be afraid of death
I'm saying watch your time
The difference between the two is a very thick line
You're here for a minute then you're dying
Track Name: Animalism
Bloody bones in the breadbox
Who is the boar of the animal farm?
Raise the alarm
Our bears we are arming
This is not charming
I'm burning the barn
If I get my own feed, and my own trough
Will I make it if I work my fucking ass off?
I don't not think you should wait for a number
I think that the lightning is reason or thunder
Or... well
The fiction was costing to much
The absence of profit was cold to the touch
Feral is better than locked in a cage
I'm a free range light wave fully engaged
Carpal Tunnel hand jive
We are the ones keeping this thing alive
We will survive
Sine slaughter backlash
Burning the cash
Now we will thrive
Compatibility is mentally assembling the anti - neglect
Respect who you know
The faces of the faceless masses
Rising from the masses
Fuck where the cash is though
All animals are equal
Despite what you heard from the cross or the steeple
What are the truths to be held self evident?
You are the God, You are the president
This is the morgue
Windmills spin from the conflict
Latched, fair trade locks for a convict
Business grab your mace and your briefcase
Torching the form
Holocaust backspace
I get more freedom from a tree
Than a man with a badge and a gun on a spree
Terror swine dictate minds through force
A box full of whiskey
Tired work horse
We can make our own tale
Write our own allegory
Workforce stalemate pawn gone predatory
Possibly a monolith crop destruction
Free range farm corruption
Finally the beasts on the farm feel the freedom
It can get wild if you don't fucking feed them
Taking the reigns with our sons and our daughters
Fighting for change
Fighting the slaughter
Track Name: Blood and Glass
An inactive witness to a blooming youth
Delicate hopes locked in a box
Glass coats the floor
Television static slices the air
Shuffling footsteps come to a crescendo
Fear becomes the only sense
Rags draped on a fragile form
Rage the provider and the prison
Innocence replaced
Shuttered and Shattered
Contorted limbs go numb as the box hinges unwind
One last breath

They called off the search team after a year
It was clear that this girl disappeared
Death was an option her mother had grown to accept
Considering the options left
She didn't know that her girl was alive
Locked in a box by a man who had lied
At the back of the bleachers
Teachers were out of sight
Screaming she tried to fight
Burlap and rope
Chained to a tree at the back of a house in the woods
The man did not speak
She was frail, how long had it been?
Her body was bruised
Her mind was weak
At nightfall he took her in to the box where she slept
splinted feet
Rusty hinges, latched locked
Pulsing heartbeat
He would scream at the walls as he drank
Throw bottles at the box
Shards slipped through the planks
One night there was a change as her tomb was ajar from the top
Scribbled sound dim light
Hesitation was the enemy, cautious
Thoughts of what she must do made her nauseous
One foot cut, two hands out
From the pain of the wounds it was hard not to shout.
As she crawled through the glass it was hard to explain to a God
Would these deep wounds last?
Clutching the end to a captor
One swift plunge marks the end of a chapter
Blood, glass, screams, shouts, tears
Liberated life, three long years
Does God judge a desperate death
If death is the only option left?