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Spencer Dwight
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Spencer Dwight Organic funk, well-rounded bass and soulful hip-hop flavors fuse in this cerebral journey, alongside a breadth of impressive features and intelligent lyricism. Favorite track: Ghost (feat. Dr. Sherman).
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released December 20, 2014



all rights reserved


toortous Ohio

∆ toortous serves as an outlet for artistic expression through original, progressive, bass-oriented music. toortous is based out of southwest ohio. ∆

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Track Name: Häagen-Dazs (feat. Marc-D)
This is real, real jazzy- classy, Marc-D the fuckin' Great Gatsby
I'm ashin' every single blunt that I get handed
Might be rough around the edges, but my flow will leave you sanded
I see you sittin' down 'cause truthfully, niggas couldn't stand it
Let me speak truthfully, I didn't pick; I jumped, this where I landed
Played the cards that I was handed, I'm just tryin' to take advantage
And anything you get handed, bet you I reprimand it
Came through with the smooth flow
And I'm a dog like Cujo, kudos
Ain't gotta say the name, you know
Red-and-blue Dodger, Häagen-Dazs
I'm watchin' Dawson's Creek with a girl who got pretty teeth
Man, my life right now is complete
...Until we run outta weed
Gotta make a call to my bra for some trees
Catchin' vibes with this girl, singin' Blood on the Leaves
Rap game killa, I got blood on my sleeves
See, I go where I want and I do what I please
Have some faith in me, you can put your mind at ease
I go with the Drew Brees, planting seeds only dealing with success
Got a lot that I have done, but still I'm ready for what's next
Young kids with an old soul, smoke bowls we write scrolls any time we get high
And you think you fly? I think that that's a lie
Could it be divine intervention?
I'm in the kitchen flyin' through a place and time
Track Name: Transitions (feat. Scott Lee)
(Scott Lee of the Whiskey River Boys)

My eyes are gettin' heavy, I can't find the strength to stand
Gaze in the mirror at this melancholy man
Look what I've become, another unfortunate son
Caught in the depths of desire
We'll burn the bridges down and light the darkness you've found
Melancholy man, stand your ground
Melancholy man, stand your ground


I'm restless, emerging from a strange dream
To stand in unfamiliar laditude, above and in-between
I'm seeing that there's static in the atmosphere that hangs on every sentence
Laced in corrugated steel and brecciated jasper pendants
Felt a tension in the sense that I had lost my only purpose
When the current pulled me under, I had barely skimmed the surface
I got 99 problems with insufficient excuses
And a pack of L&M's with 20 neatly-packaged nooses
If it's bitter in the morning, I step where the grass is frosted
With the will to walk a mile in your shoes if you're exhausted
This is me without you, and it's not a matter of fault
The city's burning while I'm turning to a pillar of salt
You can see that I'm confined behind these purple-coated eyelids
I've been talking to myself so long I couldn't hear the silence
Now I'm something like graffiti on an abandoned factory wall
And when all is said and done, I haven't said a thing at all...
Track Name: North by Northwest (feat. Dr. Sherman)
Dr. Sherman:

Slow and steady like a tortoise, with Poorpous
Not nervous, with purpose
These so-called wordsmiths can't serve us
We curve stuff like spacetime fabric
You heard it through the grapevine that we do magic
With beat loops on magnets we be attractin' negative types with these positive vibes
Draggin' the line, drawn in the dirt
Stop for the time 'cause time don't work
Shifting spaces, changing places, you might not know what it takes to make this journey
Never gonna know where the Dr. Sherm be
I got the gurney and I got the instruments
And Imma let you know what your next prescription is...
Boiled down, never see me with a royal crown
So just sit back and enjoy the sound, Dr. Sherm and AB hold it down
Let the party get started, guard it from the hardships of starving artists
Regardless, we got this process to abolish that polished nonsense
Take another route, travel out
Pass the backwoods
That's good, ride around
'til you find a town for hiding out
It's an Old West conquest tribal town
Ghost town, no sound, my ghost song, it goes on
My prologue is "Oh God!", written on the roads I rode on... Rode on...


We define the answer you're seeking
Speaking to the people that dream, but still sleeping
The Dr. is in, you better drop the grin
'Cause it's the doctrine that we're preaching!

Dr. Sherman:

It's scripted somewhere
To the rhythm of the drum, I hit the number that's listed under
The sign that outlines the limits, I live it for the long haul's why I'm in it
Give it up, up and down the map
I left my mark and hearken back to the times I had to start from scratch
And I'm feeling like I'm running from a shark attack
I need a bigger boat
That's rigged with rope, that's made from the threads of an overcoat
Of an older man with a bolder plan
And I got more flavor than a Folgers can
I gotta hold your hand and walk you through
This process that the doctor do
I'm like Dr. Who, I'm time travelin'
Might get hit quick with rhyme javelins
Mind unraveling, calm me down
Just passed through a zombie town, they're the walking dead
I'm choppin' heads of a rabid dog that's not been fed
My Cujo, he's by my side
Vibe with the Triibe, we riding high
I'm in the car, he's in the fur, sure of the purpose of the verbal cure
North by Northwest, force my cortex
Down to the valley where they torched the fortress of the native son, Since day one
Sun rise in the East where the West was won
If the rest was one, I might come back
Until that day, I'm wipin' tracks like Danny Torrance in the maze
Running from Jack in a drunken haze
Track Name: Ghost (feat. Dr. Sherman)

From point A, to point B, life's thickening madness is all that you'll see
With the quickening realization that you are still asleep
Navigating through a maze, no escape and no relief
But believe that when darkness falls
Hide the first-born, take blood and mark the walls
I'm a phantom apparating through a telephone call
Leave a ringing in your ear when I appear as a ghost at the end of the hall, but don't
Get it confused, me and my whole crew roll through
With an attitude that could stifle your life-force
You better fight for it, let me ask you
If you can't handle what we bringing, what you out in the night for
We own that, wired like a watergate phone tap
Ridin with the window cracked, the endo packed
In fact, I leak steam to keep my mental intact
Blowin' smoke from the gun that put a hole in my back

Dr. Sherman

I'm the general Sherman, and I'm certain
I'm part Seminole, spit incredible verbs in
Any kind of beat that be greeting me
Speak frequently with mad decency
I dip low, lower than you're ever gonna go
And I'm clever with the flow
Like the general go South with a foul mouth, spittin' these flames
Burnin' down the village and it really ain't strange
If you know your history, then it ain't no mystery
Spit soliloquies, and I'm really silly with the beat
You can feel it in your feet and you better get down
Got the head nod bobbin' with the serious sound
Gettin' curious now, like Curious George
With the Furious Five, with serious force
You can hear me of course, I'm the frequency source
On the microphone, send me back home on a horse going North


So if you're sick of the norm, follow me, I'll throw you right into the thick of the storm
The blood'll trickle like a prick from a thorn, just know you were warned
About the cataclysm that's of massive proportions about to form
riot clan swarm, make it pop like a pocket of spores,
I pour the poison in the dirt and terraform, I'm regretting to inform you of the circumstance
And throw you in a permanent trance before you even get the chance to reform
it's apparent that we carried the torch
Into the battle zone, make your bones rattle in the catacomb
Anti-matter chrome, shatterproof dome, I'd rather erratically take a stab at gravity compose a tragedy poem
Is it a matter of life and death? No, but it matters that I'm making the most of what I'm given
While I'm living half man and half ghost, got a mission and the wisdom , plot a vision
Life's a prison I know

Dr. Sherman

Looking for answers in all the wrong faces
A glimmer of hope stripped down to mere traces
Hate gets no taste, grace has no place here
Face-to-face with space but I'm...
Burdened by burning ferns and two terms of
Certain curtain germs who do yearn to
Turn into a worm and go slurm down through these turban turns and move berms
Bending 'round roundabouts, unfoldin' paths, sound it out
I'm molding math, holding out two oily lamps
That's pounded out of brass, you must move fast to cut glass
Cut granite, just sand it down to the last bit
Smash it on the marble and marvel
The pieces are just teachers in our school
Track Name: Lunar Eclipse (feat. Mt. Analogue)

Slow down, no sound
Lay your feet on solid ground
Stay for what's in store
To taste the wind that beats your door

Mt. Analogue:

Jellyfish-stapled skylines makes the filament stop and twitch
I'll stitch the back side raptured fragment shifting framework starts to glitch
And pierce the hydron-bubbled iron skies, symplectic poor to rich
And if you swerve from rays of sun, I'll pull you swiftly from the ditch
Finitively and slowly, moons move straight from East to West
You'll clutch the shattered breath, an equinox escaping from your chest
Amoebas split and force the cross-grained images
Transient from the womb
Life and death become emission points
From cradles to the tombs

Crimson veins, they lift the skin to blooming pillars of transient light
The sharpened edge of space decreases
Crescent beams engulf the night
This feels open to tombs and crypts, cerebral straight from head to toe
I wipe the dust and taste the water as it trickles from the snow
Brine, it was beneath us as we fall from shore to shore
The crippled locks begin to dwindle as the roof becomes the floor
Modest misconceptions of the streaming beams at hand
Await the call to live on dark sides of a washed-out, cratered land