by Mt. Analogue

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released January 12, 2016



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toortous Ohio

∆ toortous serves as an outlet for artistic expression through original, progressive, bass-oriented music. toortous is based out of southwest ohio. ∆

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Track Name: Hard Drive
Scuttle scuttle necktie plank time nosedive
Pocket dwelling pinwheels prankster driven hard drives
Cauterized wounds jewels of an allegory
Paper punched pamphlets illuminate a horror story
Marbles you got em or you don't that's a fallacy
A one lined riddle makes a one lined tragedy
Death of a son birth of a galaxy
The pinwheel spins as the hard drives masterpiece
You can't catch it where you're at
You can't catch it if you had a net and started to adapt
Instead you start to feel the pressure in your head
As the android sparks through a hazed infrared
You can call it inefficient
The lone wolf cries as it slinks through the mud
I like to call it sufficient
As the mud its the beast and it chokes on the blood
Nihilisms never been a friend of mine in fact I think it's whack
Though nature can be a cruel mistress
Half of me's duality the other half is asking quien eres?
I am not a linguist
Hardware hacks through the backs of the treeline
We need to get a grip on this expanding organism
Progress is real and we need to be re aligned
Knocks on the caves of the inbred barbarism
Telling me you're selling me a life that's made of fantasy
A dirt cheap one time bundle of regrets
A body bag a dirty hag a box of pills and epitaph
A pile of papers you aimlessly protect.
We keep a firm grip on the breath we take
And we take it from the breaths others plan to make
You can relate
On another piece of rock you just might be illegal
Shackled thick in the dirt clip the wings of a seagull
You'll do this once I can promise that
Fingers of this creature pulling swiftly at the habitat
Check this turning dictators to breakfast
Yes you will be the one to surely get your mind fixed
Double Helix schism as it breaks apart the pillars of this downfall
Give equality a call
Dribble as it spits from the tips of the toes of the street rat scuttle kids
Maybe Mommy packed a lunch
Silently you packed a punch
Notre Dam you've got a hunch?
Views on life I've got a bunch
Antiquated sedated a lifestyles a separate times
Separated inflated a hard drives a special kind
Feel it once you'll feel it twice
To switch on your shattered mind
Free range and change a quantity of better times
Better lies inject a bitterness of sacrifice
Sacrifice your life and liberate your mind
Track Name: AB - Life - 20,000 Leauges (Feat. Mt. Analogue)

Yo, its A to the B, kickin' dust and debris from the catacomb
That alone could force you to retreat
See I seek peace and departure
Never start your crooked stance
A long distance trance inhibits your advance

Still in denial? I'll put your heart on trial
And call it cardiac arrest, don't ever test the science
I impress upon dumb crumbs and herbs
Like shake and bake with words, numbing your nerves

Your fun will get turned into unfortunate events
You're spent, paying dues like a portion of the rent
As I plummet to depths that exceed 20,000 leagues
I'm spillin' fluids inside so I can capsize your entire fleet

Bite the steez, bite your cheek and speak in slower phrases
Disgraces, you're better off singin' Jehovah's praises
I'll soon erase your prior attempts to perpetrate
Doesn't hurt to say it's no surprise that you deserved your fate

I levitated sedated, faded your status
With heat compared to solar flare, apparently I hold more weight than Atlas
Don't knock the track, stop it
I'll extinguish your ass like I saw flame in your back pocket

So hide your face in a locket for generations, impatiently pacin'
Missing the point like Shaquille's free-throw
We coulda been kickin' it, but you're ugly as a gremlin after midnight
When you recitin' the lies from your ego

Mt. Analogue

This apparatus is evaporating faster than a bucket of blood
So if you feel like you're losing the context
The apparatus is a metaphor for war
And all the dirty little things that come with the concept

Pigs wallow as the dollar starts to trickle
From the teet to the lips, to the dirt, to the bank
And if you're treading water patiently, I'm sorry but I'm telling you,
The ship has already sank

embrace apocalypse, the biomass is fully innovating
As it breaks through the stained glass
We blast off into the Bronze Age
Information pogo sticks eroding through a blind rage, reckless

We are the echoes of the savages
Gliding through dimensions passing time and its ravages
Guillotine cracks through a snail shell fractal
Backward frameworks spawn pterodactyl.

Electric, like Tesla pulling mind tricks
Ac flows to the AB making LIFE
Vegetative is not the state, we keep it meditative
Mayberry's burning so call Barney Fife

The engineer is building off the colors of the painter
The acolyte is burning as he stands by the cross
We fill it up and dump it as it flows into the tributary
Climbs up the trees as it strangles the moss.

AB was speaking leagues of the 20,000 variety
This beats fermented funk and we're lacking on the sobriety
Sages of sound as the quest lies ahead
Apparatus was fiction, it's all in your head.